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Most effective control mechanisms 4 multi-flvr bevrg machin

Postby nanners » Thu Jan 30, 2014 7:59 pm

Subject: Which control mechanism for selecting flavor is most effective for a (4 flavor) home soda dispenser? 3 choices are: knob that turns gears to select flavor(bottle), button push activating electric rotating of flavors(bottles), and slide control to select different flavors(bottles remain stationary). --We cannot find any research on these types of mechanisms that are used as controls to move/select something. Can you help?

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Re: Most effective control mechanisms 4 multi-flvr bevrg mac

Postby kgudger » Mon Feb 03, 2014 9:39 am

Hello and welcome to the forums.

When I read your question, I'm confused about whether you're asking which type of control consumers prefer, or which type "works best". You would need to post in a behavioral sciences forum about the first one. As to which "works best", that is also somewhat subjective. I see this as an engineering question. In the working world, many engineering questions are driven by the market (see above), but if all else is equal, then cost and reliability drive the decision. In terms of cost, you can figure this out for your preferred options. Researching reliability may be a little more difficult. Please let us know what you are trying to figure out.

Best, Keith

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