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Better directions for "Build statues that Come Alive when they see you"

Postby kowabunga » Wed May 03, 2017 8:55 pm

The photo does not match the procedures. The procedures don't clarify some of the parts. We are finding the procedures not only to be difficult to understand and follow, but pretty frustrating. Has anyone, by any chance, written some instructions for this same task that make sense and can be followed by someone with limited understanding of resistors and electronics?

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Re: Better directions for "Build statues that Come Alive when they see you"

Postby rmarz » Mon May 08, 2017 10:29 pm

kowabunga - I understand your frustration. Having read the description of the experiment it appears that the desire to explain how a 'breadboard' works has complicated the construction of this experiment. The circuit diagram is fairly straight-forward, and the use of the breadboard should simplify the interconnection of components. Instead, some of the explanations just confuse the issue. I don't know if you purchased a kit that included a breadboard, or if you acquired the components by yourself. Assuming the individual components like the resistors and capacitors are properly marked, if you understand how the individual points in the breadboard are interconnected, you should be able to connect the components together. The use of the breadboard eliminates the need to solder together the components and power supply connections. The description of the 8-pin 555 timer and it's orientation is confusing. Try to understand the connections on the breadboard, then locate your 555 chip with the proper orientation. From there, add the other components and make sure you have tied all connections, using the breadboard, properly. Good luck, send us another note if you still need assistance.

Rick Marz

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