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creating artificial smells

Postby josnell » Wed Nov 01, 2017 12:06 pm

Fifth grader will conduct an experiment by having people smell the real Item and the artificial/created smell. She will track which each participant chooses to be real or fake. Where can I find "recipes" to create artificial smells? Can be food, earth smells, anything.

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Re: creating artificial smells

Postby cumulonimbus » Sat Nov 04, 2017 9:23 am


Sounds like an interesting experiment! I would suggest using scented products such as candles, soap, or lotion for the "artificial" smells; here's a link to a presentation where someone conducted a similar experiment, and you can get ideas from this person's procedure: ... real-ones/
I haven't been able to find any "recipes" for artificial smells, but using products that contain them would probably work as well. I hope this helps!


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