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Career in science - what advice would you share?

Postby ByronViggo » Tue May 04, 2021 2:37 am

This might sound a bit weird but I am genuinely interested in the following.

Background information (the reason why I ask)

I will be giving a ~ten minute presentation to just-have-finished PhD students in Germany about career options. The students want to know about possible career options. Most of these students will be in natural sciences. So I am interested in your opinion even though you don't have a natural sciences background.

Remember: Ten minutes are hardly enough time to do some serious career counselling either.

My questions are... (what I want to know)

I was wondering what experiences people have made while pursuing a career in academia. Just imagine you could use a time machine and meet your fresh-PhD-graduated-you for a few minutes:

What advice would you like to give your younger self with respect to his/her future career?

What do you think was good for your career? What do you think was a waste of time?

Do you regret pursuing a career in academia or maybe do you regret having left academia? Why?

Are you happy with your work? What aspect do you like/hate?

What would you like to change with your work if you could make that change yourself?

Where are you working at? (e.g. research institute, industry, university)

In which country is your workplace located?

What did you study?

Anything else you want to share...

About me (who am I)

I am physicist working in a research institute in Germany. I know the German system and how difficult it is for young scientists to find permanent positions. E.g. I am working at the same research institute for 13 years and still have only temporary contracts. Of course this has impact on family and friends.

What about the science system in your country? What situation are you in?

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Re: Career in science - what advice would you share?

Postby bfinio » Tue May 04, 2021 6:07 pm

Hi Byron,

These forums are for K-12 students, so unfortunately I don't think we can really help with your question. There are probably other forums online where you could get good answers though, for example


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