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psychology, biochemistry

Postby olayis » Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:17 am

My question is: Is intelligence linked with increased dopamine, hormones, etc.
i have been doing a lot of mental exercises where i think of thoughts i have never had before using memory of things i have personally observed previously in my life and patterns have become recognizable to me i have tried asking people who i think are smarter then me searching for answers to end my curiosity. please don't dismiss me.

1.What is the nature of intelligence how do we measure it:
A hypothesis i have thought of through my observations is that
pattern recognition, Problem solving skills, Emotional control, Memory, Heightened environmental awareness, increased sensory capabilities, 'Yet to be tested'
Are distinctive traits 'correct me if i'm wrong' of intelligent people/leaders/historical figures.
how can we make these traits more common in humans for the benefit of everyone (if you could be smarter and you
heard that scientists have developed ways to increase the average intelligence among all human and animals by studying
the chemistry and functions of brains would you back it and fund it.)

2. How do drugs effect our brains are there temporary beneficial effects.
3. What are the damages cause by drugs in a long term use.
4. What are the exact reasons for damage to occur within our bodies.
5. Are they possibly reversible.
6. How can i "or us if you are on board with my idea" get proof to disprove or prove my hypothesis.
7.is these thing currently being test i wish to get in touch

Please give me answers put my curiosity to rest so i no longer have sleepless night all input is appreciated.
"a.k.a. Your opinion matters to me."
Thank you for reading and be open minded please
TLDR: ideas about how to benefit of mankind and alike

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Re: psychology, biochemistry

Postby MadelineB » Sat Feb 17, 2018 4:25 pm

These are interesting questions and hypotheses, however, the Ask the Expert forum on Science Buddies is for students in grades K-12 who are doing science projects. There are other forums on the internet where your discussion would be more appropriate. Thank you.

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Re: psychology, biochemistry

Postby olayis » Sat Feb 17, 2018 7:53 pm

can you direct me to them pls

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