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Basketball bank shot project

Postby MamaGam » Mon May 04, 2015 9:05 pm

I am trying to help my son with a project he found on your website. We have built the scale model, and done all the testing of the 0 through 4 impact marks from the 90 degree, 60 degree and 30 degree angles. However, the instructions with this project say that we should also test at the 0 degree angle. I am not sure how this is possible, since the length of the tube aims the ball to the right of the "0" impact mark. We are only testing shots to the left of the zero impact mark. Any info you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Basketball bank shot project

Postby SandbaggerOne » Wed May 06, 2015 7:00 pm

I think the way the project guide intends for you to do it is to start the tube near the 0 mark and aim as close to the wall as you can. Obviously this will not actually be zero degrees. But the starting point will be zero degrees relative to the center of the basket if not the wall itself. Also, see suggestion below:

Evaluate if the data taken from the 0° position is realistic in your scale model.
Depending on your model, it might be very hard to collect data for very small angles. If you cannot collect data for the 0° angle, add a player's position at a small angle (such as 10°) by repeating steps 4.b. and 5.b. for the chosen small angle. In the data table like Table 2, introduced in the next step, write whatever information you can get for the 0° angle and add a column for the player's position at the small angle you added.


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