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Burning calories: how much energy

Postby Marquerette » Sun Jul 12, 2015 8:24 am

I'm working on a science fair project. I chose the experiment Burning Calories:How Much Energy is Stored in Different Types of Food?
As part of the project,we must also research the use of the project in technology and society. However,I'm finding it rather difficult to find information in regards to the questions.

1)Investigate,discuss and evaluate scientific and indegenous knowledge:
1. Cultural differences and views
2. Identify indegenous knowledge
3. Connect indegenous knowledge and scientific knowledge
4. improvements

Also,I was wondering what the constant variables in this experiment is?

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Re: Burning calories: how much energy

Postby tdaly » Fri Jul 17, 2015 8:08 am

Hi Marquerette,

I'm not sure I entirely follow what you need to discuss in your paper. I'm also not sure what your cultural background is, which would likely affect your responses to these questions. That being said, in the areas where I live many people "count calories" as part of a weight loss program or because of other medical reasons (e.g., diabetes). The project that you are doing reveals how calorie counts are measured. In that way, it provides a scientific basis for understanding some of the "calorie counts" thrown around in societal debates around calories, "empty calories", junk foods, whole foods, real foods, various diets, and obesity.
All the best,

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