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building a small storm door

Postby nasnas » Mon Dec 26, 2005 10:56 am

my project is about storm doors. I need to build a small miniture replica of a storm door or a small box which represents a house and a storm door for it. I will be comparing the tempratures inside each small house to see the effectiveness of a stormdoor in comparison to the box with out a strom door. The question is how to build this small house which has a storm door? Plz help !!!!!

Dr. Bruce Weaver
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Postby Dr. Bruce Weaver » Mon Dec 26, 2005 11:23 pm


If the point is to determine the effectiveness of the door design, then you'll want to make sure that as little heat enters or leaves the 'house' through any way except the door. Therefore the 'house' should be as well insulated as possible. I'd suggest that you make the 'house' out of something like slabs of styrofoam, glued together. Small electronic thermometers, inside and out, should provide the data you need.

Hope this helps.
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