Good sample size for Isef

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Good sample size for Isef

Post by Pinkvilla »

I was at a state competition recently and one of the judge’s made a comment that my sample size was too small. I’m using CT scans for my project. My sample size is 1400 and he commented that even a sample size of 10,000 would be too small. It was extremely difficult to get access to the scans in the first place. I’m nervous that when I compete at ISEF later this month I may receive the same comment. I thought that having a sample size of 1400 was very good. Any thoughts would really help. Thanks
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Re: Good sample size for Isef

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Hi Pinkvilla!
I also had that problem at my state competition, and I have a much smaller sample size than yours. Maybe try talking about data augmentation or bring up some studies that have used sample sizes similar to yours?
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