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Intel STS short answer

Postby hpfanatic » Sun Oct 17, 2010 4:14 pm

This question on the form seems intense:
Frequently Intel STS applicants do research that is similar to that of parents, mentors, relatives, or friends. This is expected, since science is a cumulative process, each finding built on a previous one. The influence and assistance of those around you may be beyond the individual tasks included in the questions #1 - 6 above.
In order to recognize the independent research of student investigators, we need a clear picture of the evolution of your work and the aspects that are of your own design and execution. We would like to give you the opportunity to reassure the evaluation committee that while the above mentioned influences may exist, the work you have submitted is your own and not that of a parent, mentor, relative, friend, or any other person. Please write a statement in your own words explaining any research or person that has influenced your work outside of the individual tasks in the questions #1 - 6. Provide as much supporting detail as possible. Failing to disclose similar or related research of which you are aware or failing to mention any person who has either closely or loosely guided you is a violation of your signed statement and would be grounds for disqualification from the Intel STS.

I am unclear on how much I should say. The only person who has substantively guided me throughout the project is my mentor. (Two lab technicians guided me on some basics like how to do a PCR reaction and where to find reagents--which I've mentioned in previous answers).
Do I need to expand upon how this research is my own work to convince them in this question? I can't figure out whether they just want additional disclosures or what exactly...the previous questions seem to already address this.

Any ideas on what to talk about? The work I've done is my own and I want that to come through.

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Re: Intel STS short answer

Postby mpphlipot » Mon Oct 18, 2010 2:51 pm

This is asking for you to comment on anything else that you *didn’t* already cover in questions 1-6. If you already disclosed all the outside assistance you received in those questions, you should be good. But I recommend that you include a statement here, as well, that summarizes that fact. That the work was your own and that you had no other assistance other than what’s described in the previous questions.

Hope that helps.

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