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Big Bang, String Theory, How it all began

Postby Jan82 » Mon Feb 09, 2015 4:54 pm

Hello my Name is Jan, i live in Germany and i am very happy to be able to ask my question here.

So all i wanna know is!?, why is there no reasonable answer when it comes to the creation of the earth and the big bang and so on.
At first, i really do have to admit, that i was really into science when i was much younger, i really wanted to know everything and everything i heard about the creation, sounded so nice and so logically.

But know, i have to admit, that everything about the creation of the world, that i heard so far, is absolutly junk.
That is why i wanted to ask some questions and would be very happy if somebody could state some reasonable explenations.

Question 1: - If everything started with the big bang, how did it just happen?, i am absolutly sure this and every other scientific Explanation for the creation of the world and the universe is absolutly bananas. I mean, in our reality, the reality that we humans created ourselfs you Need something to be there from the beginning so it could happen. I mean, if there was an Explosion at the start of the universe, how could it happen if there wasn´t anything therer to explode?. I mean, if i have gas on one Hand thats ok, and if i have fire on the other Hand, so alltogether we can Trigger an Explosion, but if there was at least only one part of it, either gas or fire, who or what created this fire or the gas?. Who or what created the space where the big bang happend in?. I mean, thats more or less a bible Thing. GOD Confuses the bright and intelligent?. Nobody up to now could explain it logically to me, hope that there is somebody here, who can explain this

Question 2.: So lets be scientific for a Moment. If the earth and other planets circle around the most massive planet or star in the System, which is supposed to be the sun in the milky way i guess. I would think that the milky way and other galaxys surround a much bigger star or planet or galaxy, just to stick to the rule. And this goes on and on an on. More and more smaller galaxys circle around bigger and bigger galaxy and stars, which as well surround an always bigger planet/star. So if this rule is true in some way, if i got it right?, the question now would be "what is in the Center of all the galaxys?, how massive must it be, to have so much power to wield countless galaxys around it self?????

I would really appreciate an answer to this question, if anybody is brave enough to answer this questions for me.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards


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Re: Big Bang, String Theory, How it all began

Postby amyc » Thu Feb 19, 2015 8:06 am

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