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Postby amyc » Fri Sep 02, 2011 9:17 am

We've created this special forum dedicated to questions and support for teachers who teach science and for teachers who are involved in organizing a science fair.

Science in the Classroom
Our "Teachers" tab contains a number of resources designed especially to support teachers in the classroom. Resources include: Teacher's Guide to Science Projects, Teacher's Guide to Science Buddies Student Resources, Science Project Enrichment Tools, Project Guide Printable Handouts and Worksheets, Grading Rubrics, and much more! ... l?From=Tab

Science Fairs
Science Buddies has many resources available to help guide teachers through the science fair process, including materials to help with judging at the fair. As you work through the various steps of putting together a fair, whether it is your first one, the first one at your school, or one of many you have facilitated, we hope you will post your questions here. Feel free, too, to respond to questions from other teachers! Your experience may be just what another teacher needs to hear.

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