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(pleases it is really easy)Short INTERVIEW for Parabolic reflector: Maths, Physics(science) expert

Postby lee0427 » Sat Sep 10, 2016 8:53 am

Hello, this is a student of year 10 in Korea.
I am working on making a antenna using parabolic reflector as my personal project for school.
The antenna will be attached to the wifi router to boost the signal and I am going to investigate if it really does.
I will make the antenna all by myself, finding focal point, using parabolic equations and designing the antenna.
I just want to have a quick interview answers from math/science(physics)experts.
1) What inspired you to put your self to the certain field?
2) How many years have you been involved?
3) What can I do to make my project successful?
4) Does this project seem challenging? If yes/no, could you state the reason why?
It would be my pleasure if you could answer all four questions.
Thank you for answering in advance!
Kindest Regards,

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