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Computer Hardware Engineer Interview

Postby Riley5454 » Wed Apr 12, 2017 7:22 am

What is an average day like on the job for you?
What are the positive aspects of your job?
What are the negative aspects of your job?
If there was something you could change about your job what would that be?
How often do you interact with other employees to accomplish a task on your job?
What times of year are busier or more stressful?
What specific skills did you need to make you more suited for your job?
How difficult was it for you to find a job after college in this career field?
Would you recommend this career to others? Why? Why not?
What is the thing you like best about your job?

Please provide your name and the company you work for if you feel comfortable to do so, thanks in advance.
Need two interviews so don't hesitste to respond if there is already a response

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