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Problems with Solvents, Polymers & Pheromones when highly Electro Magnetically Sensitive

Postby mcmcclymont » Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:18 am

I couldn't see the correct heading for this but hopefully somebody may be able to help me.

I have diagnosed myself as been "Electromagnetically Hypersensitive" over the past few years and its getting very bad now its effecting every single aspect of my day to day living. My Doctor or other health care professionals also refuse to diagnose or fully treat the condition due to a lack of understanding around the situation.

The main issue I am currently facing is using anything that may contain programming information built into Solvents, polymers and pheromones. I need to some how provide basic scientific evidence that this is causing my body a problem.

My body's electro magnetic field is a lot larger and heavier then normal and this seems to be causing things I sit or lie on to smell toxic, change colour or shape, loose there shine or matt or simply look like it has lost the product information built into the original design. This is happening very quickly now, I can only sit down for a few minutes without feeling sick or feeling a burning within my skin or smelling the chemical compounds of the plastics, rubbers, foams, etc changing due to the intensity of my body's electro magnetic field. I have had to stop working with cleaning chemicals and doing picking on production lines due to suffering from effects from the charged up line or belts or the solvents or polymers in the product. Things start to look very dark and black and some times to the point I have to stop using them as they become un touchable because my brain doesn't understand wheat they are anymore.

So if anyone has any information that can support or help me understand this a little more I would appreciate it.


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Re: Problems with Solvents, Polymers & Pheromones when highly Electro Magnetically Sensitive

Postby MadelineB » Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:38 am

The Science Buddies "Ask the Experts" forum is for students in grades K-12 who need help with their science projects.

Hopefully you can find other places on the web to research your issues. Thank you.

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