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Physics interview questions about Mass and velocity. SOS!! DUE TOMORROW

Postby Meerahalh » Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:37 am

1. Why is there a weight limit on rollercoasters?
2. Are there any side effects if the max weight was exceeded?
3.What are other factors that affect the rollercoaster’s speed other than mass?
4.How do you know what is the maximum weight one rollercoaster can hold?
5. What happens if the minimum weight was not reached?
6. What are the benefits of setting a weight limit?
7. Have there ever been any serious accidents regarding the weight limit?
8. Are there any preferable materials a rollercoaster should be made of?

moderator note: I deleted your duplicate post. Science Buddies guidelines ask that you not post your question in more than one forum. Thank you.

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Re: Physics interview questions about Mass and velocity. SOS!! DUE TOMORROW

Postby MadelineB » Mon Mar 12, 2018 3:29 pm

Hello Meerahalh,

Your topic title suggests you want to interview a physicist, but your questions are all about background information on mass and velocity.

Please read the "Guidelines for Interview Questions" -

If you have been assigned to conduct an interview, please revised your post to follow the guidelines, and please post it in the forum "Interview Requests."

If you are doing a science project on mass and velocity, please describe your project including your hypotheses. The Science Buddies Project Guide is a good resource for helping you get started.

I see that you state that your assignment is due "tomorrow." The experts here are all volunteers so there is no guarantee that the experts who are familiar with your topic will see your question and be able to reply within 1 day. You might want to also search the internet for background information on mass and velocity. Best wishes with your assignment.

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