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Climate Change research project

Postby hollyp58 » Sun Feb 23, 2020 1:19 pm

I need a biology teacher or someone who knows a bit about climate change and can answer these interview questions.

1)Do you believe that climate change is an important matter and/or a serious issue? Explain.
2) What do you believe will happen if nothing is done about climate change? Explain.
3) Do you believe that the extreme advances in climate change are mostly or even completely due to human activity? Explain.
4) Do you believe that enforcing regulations on emissions of greenhouse gases is necessary? Explain.
5) Do you believe that having these regulations enforced is worth limiting the success of large companies who depend on systems which produce greenhouse gas as well as potentially hurting the economy? Explain.
6) What do you suggest be done in order to convince those in doubt about climate change and the needed regulations? Explain.
7) What kind of regulations (if any) do you suggest be put in place on corporations? Explain.
8) Do you think it is necessary that common citizens are regulated as well? Explain.
9) Do you think common citizens should be expected to self-regulate themselves, or do you think the government should enforce regulations on them? Explain.
10) What kind of regulations (if any) do you think should be placed on common citizens? Explain.

Thank you!

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