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DoWn SyNdRoMe TeStInGs

Postby colleen412 » Wed Nov 05, 2003 2:51 pm

does anyone know anything about the testings for down syndrome?!

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Postby johnmilcovich » Wed Feb 25, 2004 2:22 pm

Sorry about no one answering your posting from Nov. But I was looking at some of my questions and response and I found that yours had never been answered. The answer to your inquiry is that you can type in the words down syndrome testing onto google or sbc yahoo seatch engines and you will have all of the data that you ever wanted to vuiew. There is plenty of information on that topic. All of the best in the search for your answer. I just wish that someone would have answered your inquiry long before this.

John Milcovich :)
John Milcovich

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Postby shijun » Wed Apr 28, 2004 11:25 am

Hi Colleen412,

Genetic testing for Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) is a very interesting topic. I just want to provide a couple more places where you might want to look for more information on testing for down syndrome: ... asp?bhcp=1 ... drome.html ... me_p2.html ... me_p3.html

[The middle one to the above group of link may be of the most interest to you]

Science Buddies Staff

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