Help! Lights not working on Raspberry Pi

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Help! Lights not working on Raspberry Pi

Post by jenbrooks »

My daughter is in the process of doing a science fair project. She is doing the Art that Glows in the Dark. She has the raspberry pi programmed and the lights were working on the breadboard until she put them into her canvas. She cannot get them to work now. She has put them back in the breadboard and they are not working. She has checked the wiring. Please help promplty! The science fair is in one week.

J Brooks
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Re: Help! Lights not working on Raspberry Pi

Post by bfinio »

Hi J Brooks,

Usually problems like this come down to one or more misplaced wires on the breadboard. If it was working when you first had everything on the breadboard then you know your code was correct. If you used the male-female jumper wires to connect the LEDs to the canvas, then it's important to make sure none of the connections are loose. I would go through and test one LED at a time - first on the breadboard, then with the jumper wires - to see if you can get them to work. Also make sure the LEDs aren't backwards (try flipping them around). Please post again if none of that works.



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