Need help making a if then because hypothesis.

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Need help making a if then because hypothesis.

Post by RayneBeau »

Hi, I am working on a RISE project for school and I need help coming up with a hypothesis.
My objective for this project is to Learn how to take blood pressure readings, and test a population of children, adults to determine if blood pressure depends upon age or mood.
My research question is Does a Human’s Blood Pressure Depend on His or Her Age or Their mood?
Could you help me?
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Re: Need help making a if then because hypothesis.

Post by rsosin »

Hi RayneBeau,

A hypothesis is basically an educated guess about what you think the outcome of an experiment will be.

Since your experiment has to do with blood pressure and age or mood, your hypothesis should contain these terms. You can format it like "If {blank}, then {blank} will happen, because I think {blank}" just fill in the blanks with things relevant to your research project.

I hope this helps! Reach back out if you need more help.

Good luck,
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