Alternative sources of energy/electricity

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Alternative sources of energy/electricity

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I wanted to make a project regarding alternative sources of energy or electricity for ISEF, but I'm not sure how to go about finding something challenging but still feasible for me to accomplish since my access to equipment and knowledge of physics is limited, though I'm alright with biology and chemistry. I've recently been looking into muons as a source of energy, both regarding fusion at lower temperatures and capturing the energy from naturally occuring muons in our atmosphere. However, I'm not sure where to go from here. Do you have any recommendations for what my next step should be, or other alternative energy sources I should look into that might be easier for me to research, like nuclear?

I greatly appreciate your help!
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Re: Alternative sources of energy/electricity

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Hi - if you have more of a background in biology and chemistry, you might be interested in our "microbial fuel cell" projects. Search for that on our site and you will find several projects. Most of our projects use a kit, so you would probably need to do something more advanced for ISEF, but it might be a good starting point given the subjects you're more comfortable with.
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