EGGSHELL expirement help with the variable

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EGGSHELL expirement help with the variable

Post by nouratallah »

My DD has a science project that involve her doing an experiment to answer the question : Which liquid will dissolve an eggshell the fastest?
4 Clear plastic cups
• 4eggs
• 200ml of cooled black coffee
• 200ml of orange juice
• 200ml of coca cola/pepsi
• 200 ml of tap water

My question is what are the dependant variable, the independant variable or the controlled variable ?
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Re: EGGSHELL expirement help with the variable

Post by kstromberg »


An independent variable is the variable you are changing in the experiment whereas the dependent variable is the variable affected by the change (therefore, dependent on the independent variable).

So in this case, the independent variable would be the liquid the eggshell is placed in while the dependent variable is how long the egg shell takes to dissolve since the time is dependent on the liquid.

Hope this helps,
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