Question about Turn Milk into Plastic activity

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Question about Turn Milk into Plastic activity

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what temprature does it have to be to have the milk be warm to have the vinegar be mixed in? :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :| :?

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The activity can be viewed at: Turn Milk into Plastic
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Re: Question about Turn Milk into Plastic activity

Post by AmyCowen »

No specific temperature is given for this activity, but you'll see in step 1, the guidance for heating the milk is provided:

1. Heat 1 cup of milk in a pan or stovetop until the milk is steaming. Alternatively, you can microwave the milk in a microwaveable container by warming it at 50% power for 5 minutes. It should be about the same temperature as you would want milk to be for making hot cocoa. Heat for more time if needed.

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