Help Requested with Detect Fruit Ripeness Circuit

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Help Requested with Detect Fruit Ripeness Circuit

Post by Nea419 »

I was following all the Detect Ripe Fruit with a Visible Light Circuit directions (Is it ripe yet? Build a circuit to detect ripe produce). My circuit still isn’t working after redoing it multiple times. What should I do? I am also unsure if I need to use a 120 ohms resistor or the 47 one. Please help if possible.

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Re: Help Requested with Detect Fruit Ripeness Circuit

Post by AmyCowen »

Hi - Are you using the Science Buddies Kit for this project?

You do need to use a 120 ohms resistor. There seems to have been a problem with 47 showing in the slideshow and an image. This is being corrected. You need the 120 called for in the materials and shown in the table of components.

In order to troubleshoot a circuit, Experts would need to be able to see your circuit. Usually the problem is something that might be in the wrong place. You can attach a pdf save of an image here for someone to look (as close and clear as possible to show the circuit you've built). Alternatively, you can email the picture(s) to

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