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How should I go about self-learning a topic? For example, let's say that I want to learn Ohm's Law. Should I dive straight into the topic, learn the history, and the formulas, and pick up a few of the terms used in it like Voltage and Current? Or, would it be better to set a foundation by first learning the terms or concepts like Voltage, Current, Circuits, Resistance, etc., in-depth, and then connecting these terms to the larger topic to learn it fully as well?
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Re: Self-Learning

Post by rmarz »

Sab3rson - I think you are already pursuing the concept well. Ohm's law is a significant, but relatively non-complicated expression of the relationship of voltage, current and resistance. With only 3 variables, the formulas are straightforward. In your research you will start to understand the definitions of voltage, resistance and current. I think you are well on your way to understanding definitions, concepts and relationships of these important electrical measurements.

Rick MArz
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