science fair filtering water w charcoal

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science fair filtering water w charcoal

Post by nevvy »

um just wondering like what exact amounts of activated charcoals do i need for this ... king-water
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Re: science fair filtering water w charcoal

Post by AmyCowen »

There are suggested materials linked in the Materials list for each kind of carbon you'll use.

If you carefully read through the experimental procedure, you'll see that you add the carbon (following directions) when preparing the cups in step 2 of the Preparing Your Samples and Filters section. You prepare 3 cups with each type of carbon in that section. Each cup uses 3 grams:
2.b. Use a scale to weigh out 3 grams of granular activated carbon into each cup that you labeled with granular carbon. Then add 3 grams of powdered activated carbon into each cup with the respective label. The remaining 3 cups (no activated carbon) stay empty.
Note that step 11 of Filtering Your Samples indicates you will repeat the setup and experiment two additional times.

I recommend reading through the complete procedure again to see the steps and how the materials get used (and how many times).

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