Test growth of plants in gravity - Clinostat device

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Test growth of plants in gravity - Clinostat device

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Going to test plant growth from seeds in gravity using Clinostat and plant growth on Earth using different factors like light, temperature, and water. After building the clinostat, should I keep running the motor to give a stimulus of gravity feel? Please refer the following link

https://www.sciencebuddies.org/science- ... -clinostat
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Re: Test growth of plants in gravity - Clinostat device

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If you want to test plant growth in microgravity, you have to keep the clinostat running so that the petri dish attached to it rotates continuously. This simulates growth in a place with little or no gravity, like outer space. If you turn the motor off or if the clinostat is turning too slowly, the seeds will experience the effects of gravity as they normally would on Earth. Does that help answer your question?
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