Plant fertilizer question

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Plant fertilizer question

Post by ssg02003 »

We are planning an experiment to test whether a natural fertilizer made from repurposed materials can achieve the same plant growth like commercial synthetic fertilizer such as MiracleGro. We have figured out a recipe that combines N, P, K in a similar ratio as MiracleGro.

For this experiment, we will need a potting soil which does not already include any fertilizers. All the potting soils on Amazon seem to have fertilizers or other content included in them. Any recommendations?

Also, how frequently should the natural fertilizer be applied?

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Re: Plant fertilizer question

Post by kstromberg »


Thank you for your question! Your best option might be topsoil- there are ones available at Lowe's that do not contain fertilizer. For your experiment, I would suggest applying the natural fertilizer with the same frequency you apply the commercial fertilizer. Otherwise it will be difficult to determine if it is the fertilizer or the frequency it is applied that influences your results.

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