Question about DIY Mini Drone activity: not lifting

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Question about DIY Mini Drone activity: not lifting

Post by harveyyoyo »

I made the drone as instructed. Everything seems correct. The propellers are spinning the right direction and I can feel the wind pushing down. One strange problem. There doesnt seem enough power to lift the drone. The batteries are fine.
What could be causing this?

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Re: Question about DIY Mini Drone activity: not lifting

Post by AmyCowen »

Hi - Propellers spinning is good!

One thing to check -- Does the drone slide up and down the dowels easily without getting stuck if you just move it with your hand? If the guides are too tight or the dowels are misaligned, this can cause too much friction and prevent the drone from moving, even if the motors are working fine.

If that seems fine, how many batteries are you using? If you are currently using a 3xAA battery pack, you might want to try using a 4xAA battery pack instead for more power.

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