Question about Build a Wind-Powered Car activity

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Question about Build a Wind-Powered Car activity

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HOW DO I MAKE IT FASTER???? :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:

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The activity can be viewed at: Build a Wind-Powered Car
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Re: Question about Build a Wind-Powered Car activity

Post by audreyln »


This looks like a fun project! You can experiment with different parts of your car design to see if it makes it faster or slower. For example, what happens if you make the sail a different size or change its shape? A bigger sail will catch more moving air, which exerts a bigger push (force) on the car. You might think that means a bigger sail will always make the car go faster. However, a bigger sail is also heavier, and can be more difficult to support without the mast falling down. A sail that is too tall could even make the entire car so top-heavy that it tips over! You can also experiment with different materials for your wheels and axles. Are some easier to build? Do some spin more smoothly than others? There is no "right" answer and you will need to experiment to find out! If you have a stopwatch, measure how fast your car can go over a certain distance with different size and/or shape sails.

Good luck!

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