Can I do a project based off Exoplanet J1407B?

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Project Question: How was exoplanet J1407B created?
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Can I do a project based off Exoplanet J1407B?

Post by Flop »

Hello, I have one question I'd like to ask, there is a exoplanet called J1407B or Super Saturn, and I'd like to know if it's possible to do a project based off the exoplanet, Good day :D .
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Re: Can I do a project based off Exoplanet J1407B?

Post by chloemkohl »

Hi! Astronomy is so fascinating, so it's cool to see that you're interested in exoplanets! Science Buddies has a few exoplanet-related projects, which I have linked below - you might want to take a look at these to get some ideas, however these are more advanced than the typical elementary-school project.

- ... photometry
- ... -exoplanet
- ... et-hunters

Relating specifically to Exoplanet J14O7B which you discuss, you could create a model of this exoplanet, along with others, to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject. It can be a bit difficult to perform astronomy-related experiments considering we can't travel to space (maybe one day!), but there are so many articles and websites available on the internet if you would like to learn more. There are a bunch of resources linked below if you are interested. ... achers.cfm

Hopefully this helps!
Happy learning,
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