How Old Is The Universe Project

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How Old Is The Universe Project

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So I'm on the part where I have to calculate the colors of the stars in the globular clusters. Thing is, I'm on borrowed time. It is already night and I had to change my project because I was not able to retrieve all of the items I needed for my last project in time. The globular clusters have thousands of clusters and I was wondering if it would mess up my results if I were to only calculate 50 stars for each globular cluster?
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Re: How Old Is The Universe Project

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Hi! Just to clarify, you are using the data given in the experimental procedure and then implementing it into the computer program, Sloan Digital Sky Survey. From there you will then compare the three star clusters to get your results and answer some of the questions. Under the event of a time issue (I hope I interpreted your question correctly), I would say to analyze as much data as you can - the more the better, but ultimately do whatever works for you as long as you keep the numbers consistent. Incase I misunderstood your question, were you having difficulties with the technology? Please reach out if you are still confused or have any other questions!
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