Light tracking bristle not data?

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Light tracking bristle not data?

Post by Dayelinday10 »

Hi I’m a 7th grader and I decided to build a light tracking bristle bot for my science fair project the only problem is that we have to have data but I don’t know what my data for this project can be. So my question is what is the data I can use for this project?
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Re: Light tracking bristle not data?

Post by sidhaarth »

Great choice for a science fair project! For a light tracking bristle bot project, you can collect various types of data to analyze its performance. Here are some ideas for data that you can collect and analyze:

Movement: Record the distance traveled by the bristle bot in a certain period of time. You can also measure the speed of the bristle bot as it moves towards the light source.

Light intensity: Measure the intensity of the light source at different distances from the bristle bot to see how it affects the bot's movement. You can use a light sensor or a lux meter to measure the light intensity.

Response time: Measure the time it takes for the bristle bot to detect the light source and move towards it. You can use a stopwatch or a timer to measure the response time.

Direction: Record the direction of the bristle bot's movement towards the light source. You can use a compass or a protractor to measure the angle of movement.

Performance under different conditions: Test the bristle bot under different lighting conditions, such as different colors or brightness levels, and record the data to see how it performs under different conditions.

Remember to record your data accurately and organize it in a clear and concise way. You can use graphs, charts, or tables to display your data and make it easier to analyze. Good luck with your project!

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