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VoxCad Coding

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Hello! I want to get into somewhat advanced VoxCad. Does anyone know how to implement code into VoxCad that is preferably javascript but C# ok but less optimal? It would be helpful to have step-by-step directions. I am on Windows as well. The reason I want to code is that I want to create a generational neural network evolving soft robots. I viewed a similar creation by someone else and I think I can do it. I am going to use CPPN-NEAT to do it.

Thank you to whoever responds
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Re: VoxCad Coding

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Hi - I wrote the Voxcad projects for Science Buddies, but unfortunately I am only familiar with the graphical user interface, not the source code. VoxCAD was a project maintained by a graduate student, Jonathan Hiller, in the Creative Machines Lab under Prof. Hod Lipson (formerly at Cornell, now at Columbia). From some quick searching, it looks like Jonathan graduated in 2011 and the SourceForge page for VoxCAD was last updated in 2016.

So, unfortunately we at Science Buddies wouldn't be able to provide step by step directions for what you want to do. I'm not sure if you'd be able to find other Voxcad enthusiasts on the internet who could help, or even try contacting Jonathan directly (if so, make sure to explain that you are a student working on a science project, what your project is, etc, instead of jumping right to asking for help).

Hope that helps - good luck with your project!

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