Question about DIY Mini Drone activity

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Question about DIY Mini Drone activity

Post by simplyawesome123 »

After finishing building your drone, I realized it would not fly. At least, it would try to go up, but can't. Also, I use 2 3aaa battery packs (as I have joint their wires together) to power the drone.

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The activity can be viewed at: DIY Mini Drone
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Re: Question about DIY Mini Drone activity

Post by bfinio »

Hi - there are several things you can check:

- Make sure the drone can slide smoothly up and down on the dowels. You should be able to lift the drone by hand, release it, and it should fall back to the bottom without getting stuck. If it is difficult to lift or gets stuck when you let go, then either the dowels or straws are crooked. It is very important for the dowels and straws to be parallel to each other so the drone can slide smoothly.
- Make sure all four propellers are spinning in the proper direction. You should feel air blowing DOWN from each propeller if you hold your hand under the drone. If you hold your hand above the drone and feel any air blowing UP, then you have either reversed the +/- wires of a motor, or mixed up the clockwise and counter-clockwise propellers.

Hope that helps, please write back if you are still not able to get it to work.
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