COVID/Vaccines / Computational Biology Project

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COVID/Vaccines / Computational Biology Project

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I did a program that would compile data about COVID vaccines & the effects on the reality of high school students vs. what the media claims to be true. What I want to do this year is expand on different age groups and possibly create software that would represent what different cells for different age groups look like when they get infected with COVID-19. This project is a three-year project. When I went to my state fair this year, it was really competitive and the other competitors had a lot of resources that were not offered to me; this year I want to ensure that I am prepared and possibly qualify for ISEF in computation biology. If there are any ideas that could make my project better or if anyone is interested in mentoring me I would really appreciate it. In addition, I plan to write a research paper on my findings and compare it to political science.

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Re: COVID/Vaccines / Computational Biology Project

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Your project looks excellent! The discrepancy in media reporting of COVID-19 cases is definitely something that has yet to be addressed properly, so it’s great to see you taking the initiative!

To further your project, I propose diving deeper into the media discrepancy – i.e. which media-reported data did you use? Did you notice more significant discrepancies at specific media sources compared to your survey results? With this targeted focus, you can also add more context to your results section, to not only record the results of your survey but also quantitatively compare them to what media sources report.

For targeted data analysis tools and coding space, I would recommend using SAS OnDemand for Academics, which is completely free for students: ... 08a14164e9. As a high school student myself, I conducted a COVID-19 data analysis project using this platform, and I think it would be perfect for your needs. You can use the SAS console for inputting your code, and generate a diversity of graphs and analysis plots.

All the best with your project, and please let us know if we can help you further!

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