Accurate weather forcasting/predicting the weather

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Accurate weather forcasting/predicting the weather

Post by Rip_supersonic »

Hi. I was wondering if I am supposed to get numbers for testing with the design the video says to make. For this, I'm supposed to make a hygrometer for humidity and a barometer for pressure. Also, do you have ideas of where i could get some of the materials needed like a heat resistant glass?

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Re: Accurate weather forcasting/predicting the weather

Post by chloemkohl »

Hi! A heat resistant glass jar can be found at most stores - Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc. Here's a link to one at Amazon - ... =8-31&th=1.

In the video, the two girls used non-technological methods to help predict the weather. Some ideas included collecting information about the behavior of bees or cows, as well as the curliness of the girls' hair. This information was qualitative rather than quantitative, so no numbers were recorded.

Good luck with your experiment, and let us know if you have any other questions!
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