Supercooling and Snap Freezing

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Supercooling and Snap Freezing

Post by Bill_Nye_The_Science_Guy_758 »

Hello, I have a few questions about this project:

1. Does supercooling before freezing mean that when you tap the cup it should instantly turn to ice or is that only for bottled waters?

2. If the water does not reach a temperature of -1 to -3 Celsius before the 30 minutes is ended does that mean it would be a no on a chart saying if it supercooled or not?

3. Could you list the dependent variable, independent variable, control, and constants?

Thank you for your time.

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Re: Supercooling and Snap Freezing

Post by bfinio »


1. Trying out snap freezing with different containers can be part of the experiment - you will have to try it to find out.

2. The 30 minutes suggested in the procedure is approximate. The time may vary depending on other conditions like ambient temperature in the room. If the water is still above freezing and hasn't turned to ice yet after 30 minutes, you should wait longer. The exception would be if all the ice in the bowl melts, in which case you would need to start over with more ice.

Hope that helps!
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