Build a Circuit to detect Ripe Produce Help

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Build a Circuit to detect Ripe Produce Help

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I’m doing the “Build A Circuit to Detect Ripe Produce” project and I need urgent help. I have plugged in all of my alerts correctly me and my father checked multiple times. I know my short and long legs are correct as well, as well as my mosfet and resistors and etc. My LEDs both light up when they are powered up with the batteries, but my red LED doesn’t dim when I use my potentiometer. Otherwise, no matter what color i hold up to the clear LED my red LED remains the same brightness. I’ve covered my photo resistor with black paper just like the tutorial. My potentiometer is the one recommended from the website (from Jameco). What should I do? Thanks
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Re: Build a Circuit to detect Ripe Produce Help

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Hi - we need to be able to see your circuit in order to help you troubleshoot. If you can upload clear, well-lit, in-focus pictures of your circuit from a top-down view so we can clearly see the connections on the breadboard, we can help. Many times there is just one wire misplaced even when people have double or triple checked the circuit. Sometimes tall parts like the MOSFET can obscure connections on the breadboard, so you may need to upload multiple photos from slightly different angles so we can see everything. Thanks!
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