Materials for Rubber Band Car Challenge

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Materials for Rubber Band Car Challenge

Post by Hollitha »

Hi! I have a question about the plastic bottle caps allowed for the 2024 rubber band car engineering challenge. Are students just allowed to use caps like from milk jugs? Or literally bottles like a bottle of water? Or can they use plastic lids from something like a peanut butter jar? It said any size was acceptable, but I'm not sure if a jar lid is considered OK or not. Please let me know.

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Re: Materials for Rubber Band Car Challenge

Post by amyCC »

Hi Holly - The "allowed" materials chart for the 2024 Rubber Band Car Challenge doesn't put a limitation on the cap size.

Milk jug caps are fine. Water bottle caps are fine. A peanut butter jar lid could be used.

(Just remind students that the caps can't be metal.)

We hope you have fun with this year's challenge!

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