Hydrogel Face Masks

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Hydrogel Face Masks

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Hi I am working on a research project on hydrogels and wanted to as why was the chamomile tea used in the face mask? Was it required to actually make the hydrogel or was it just added for its hydrating properties? Could I make it without the tea or is it required in the actual preparation of the hydrogel? Thanks!

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Re: Hydrogel Face Masks

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The chamomile tea was used in the face mask for additional hydrating purposes. It is not required to make the hydrogel face mask, so you could make it without the tea. However, since the experiment measures skin moisture, the moisture retention may be lower. Just make sure that if you do not put chamomile tea in the "+ glycerin" pot, you also do not put it in the "- glycerin" pot.

Hope that helps!
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