Stuck on self driving car project with Aurdino

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Stuck on self driving car project with Aurdino

Post by aksham »

Hi, I am having trouble controlling the right motor voltage of my bluebot using auduino uno. The left motor is working well and I am able to control the speed. But the right motor is constantly moving at the same speed, How do I debug this problem? I have verified that there is no problem with the connections. Could it be a problem with the h-bridge? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Stuck on self driving car project with Aurdino

Post by bfinio »

Hi - to help with this problem we'd need to see pictures of the circuit. Many times there is one wire misplaced on the breadboard that prevents things from working, even if you think you've double checked the wiring. If you can upload clear, in-focus, well-lit pictures of your breadboard here, we can take a look. A top-down view is best so we can clearly see all the connections.
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Re: Stuck on self driving car project with Aurdino

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It might be helpful to Google search for a picture of your h-bridge that is numbered in order to check that things are connected to the h-bridge where you are want them to be and that correspond to your code - they can be tricky to work with! When building circuits, diagrams or examples of how things should work are always helpful and you should definitely search for them.

You can also try a different h-bridge if you have one, or re-connecting everything to the one you do have. This might make any errors with connections easier to see.

Additionally, you can try checking the code that works for the left motor, line-by-line, against the code that doesn't work for the right motor and look for any small errors such as a missing semi-colon.

Sending screenshots of your code and pictures of your circuit would also be helpful as another expert mentioned!

Hope this helps!
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