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Science Buddies Launches New Science Fair Project Guide

Postby scibudadmin » Tue Mar 06, 2007 5:04 pm

Science Buddies is pleased to introduce a new and much improved Science Fair Project Guide, which includes a sneak peak at the new look for the Science Buddies website.

Science Buddies has made general enhancements to the content on almost every page of the Science Fair Project Guide, with the goal of developing content suitable to novice science students. Some of the more noticeable improvements include:

1. A Key Info section at the top of each page. The Key Info sections feature important terms and concepts for each step of the scientific method. They represent a great summary for the typical student, and they may contain all the information necessary for students just starting their science education.
2. A new section called Variables for Beginners which focuses on the “fair test� method to scientific experiments. This material was developed to introduce K-5 students to the scientific method.
3. Updates to our Data Analysis and Graphs section which has expanded material and provides more information on this very important stage of the science fair process for advanced students. Included is new information about topics such as summarizing data, variance, and standard deviation.

With over 4,000 pages of content and growing, the goal of the new design was to develop a site that is easier to navigate and enables visitors to more quickly find the content they need. The Science Fair Project Guide is the first section to be redesigned, and the remainder of the website will soon follow. Some of the key features of the new design include:

1. Navigation tabs at the top of the page that break down the website into easy to search sections.
a. Project Ideas – Still home to our nearly 400 unique Project Idea Starter Kits
b. Science Fair Project Guide – Which now holds all of our revised How-to materials, our Tools and Techniques for a better project plus NEW How-to materials specifically developed for K-5 students.
c. Ask an Expert – Guides students to our drop-in mentoring forum
d. Teachers – The home to all of our teacher resources and print-ready handouts
e. Competitions – Important information about local and national competitions
f. About Us – An overview of the Science Buddies organization
2. A search box on every page, with the ability to search for content on the Science Buddies website.
3. A crumb trail just under the navigation tabs to allow users to easily track their location on the website.

We hope that you will find this new format easy to use and that the new materials will better serve our users. We have strived to take into consideration all of your helpful suggestions and to create a website that is more user friendly for teachers, parents and especially students. We invite you to explore the website and send us any feedback you might have about our new look and new materials.

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