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Post by HBrownell »

First: this simulation is an amazing accomplishment!
Is there a way to adjust immunity or probability of re-infection in the simulation? This may not even be a relevant parameter to adjust if recovery makes a person immune. However, I have seen discussion of this topic in the media.
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Re: Immunity

Post by KenHess »

Glad that you like SimPandemic!

You can specify the initial percentage of immune individuals, those having immunity at the start of the simulation. Do this by selecting Customize Settings, followed by Population statistics.

Currently, the simulator assumes that all infected individuals become immune indefinitely. We are keeping an enhancement request list, and I will add your desire to specify the percentage of people who become immune after infection as well as the duration of immunity. Even if these anecdotal reports for COVID-19 don't withstand scrutiny, adding those parameters will be important to enable SimPandemic to model other diseases with those characteristics. We definitely will continue to enhance the program.



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