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Science Buddies: "Ask an Expert" • Time Travel, Trans Dimensional space query.
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Time Travel, Trans Dimensional space query.

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2022 12:02 am
by dezza55

My name is Dariusz, today I have come to a concept of creating and performing time travel, albeit just a theory not yet molecule transport part yet.

I just wanted to see if anyone can help me grasp to see world as a 36 Dimensional space instead of 5-6 dimensions that we are used to. You may ask why is that, how can there be so many dimension.

Well it may be called something else, I am not up to date on it entirely, but each dimension I refer to is a reference point coordinate as such. Example to visualise my concept draw a 3D square. You need 8 points to draw that, now this is a chunk of space itself.

Each reference point is required as space is forever expanding at a X rate, so to go back in time to the same location in space we will have to use the equation as descending by X rate.

Now that you drawn the 3D cube all the 8 point on there are the ones affected by X expanding or descending this accounts for space growth/shrinkage if going back in time lets name them A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H.

With this 3d cube now I want you to go from each point to the middle inside of the cube, there now you marked yourself in the universe at that location regardless if it grows or shrinks let call this point Y.

The point you have in the middle of the cube is affected by location of the person within the universe so this will need to be measured also its also know as Starting point on this cube let call this variable.

Next part draw another 3D cube adjacent to it and follow exact scheme, label outside cube points and remember they will be effected by universe expanding, which we as humans perceive it as time.

Inside the middle of second cube let label the destination Z now this is a destination you want to travel to in time, backwards or forwards and make sure you lad in that part of space.

So as you see by using Math and accounting for these 36 variables which is actually just state of the matter and molecules we could use a medium such as Black Hole to pass matter thru and end up changing where you are and when you are, in theory as we know time passes slower the closer we get to the black hole, this suggest that we can alter rate at which universe travels at.

Black holes in theory may see universe at its "shrieked rate on the other side", so by changing where you are in the universe (based on its expansion rate) you can control when you are also. This is Because time is not constant or the same as you move away from earth, so as universe expands 1 year for us could be 1 minute 10 000 years ago as relative

We know that time travels differently depending which way you travel in the universe, however physical travel vs transporting molecules and reassembly is more optimal with our current technology.

At this stage more research is needed but as you see this 36 point only to account for