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Posting Attachments

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To upload an attachment with a post, please click on the "Upload Attachment" tab located just below the ribbon that has the "Save", "Preview", and "Submit" buttons on it. Click the "Browse" button, then locate and select the file you wish to upload. Then press the "Add the File" button. Once you have finished writing your post, simply press the "Submit" button as usual and a link to the file will be visible near the bottom of your post.

Please note that the maximum file size that can be uploaded is 256 KB and that only 1 file may be attached per post. If you wish to post a file that is larger than 256 KB, please break the file up into smaller pieces if possible and upload these smaller files. If it is not possible to break the file up into smaller pieces, please e-mail and we will find an alternative way to upload the file.

Please note the Science Buddies reserves the right to review uploaded attachments to ensure that the file's content is appropriate and may remove the file is it contains objectionable material.

If you have further questions about how to post an attachment, please feel free to e-mail us at

Thank you!

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