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Classroom Activities

Science Buddies has adapted some of our more popular project ideas into at-home, in-class, or after-school activities. Each activity comes with student instructions and a facilitator guide with just enough information to help anyone lead a good discussion on the science behind the activity.

Science Buddies Classroom Activities provide background science information, straightforward steps, and the opportunity for hands-on inquiry for students seeking science inspiration. Plus, many of these activities can be prepped and completed in a short amount of time, making them easy to integrate into a classroom setting.

Inquiry-based Classroom Science Activities

(Click the "show activities" links to see classroom activities in each area of science.)

Physical Sciences

Physical Sciences; illustration of an atom
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Life Sciences

Life Sciences; photo of an insect under a magnifying glass
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Earth Science

Earth Science; image of planet Earth
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Math & Computer Science

Math; image of chalkboard with addition problem
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