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Reusable (Plywood) Pentafold
Reusable (plywood) display board. Pentafold display board.
Tripod Flat Board
Tripod board stand. Poster printout mounted on a flat board.
Plexiglas/Acrylic Tubular
A display board constructed from Plexiglas or acrylic sheet is very unique, but it does come with some problems. Depending on what is behind this clear board, it can be very difficult to read. Tubular frame for display board.
Accordion Pull Screen
Accordion display board. "Retractor" type trade show banner. Most trade show banner stands are quite expensive.
Wire Banner Stand Tripod
Trade show banner stand. Trade show banner stand.
Scroll Stand Clipped Board
Trade show exhibit stand. Poster printout clipped to a standard tri-fold display board for support. Posters have the advantage that they can be rolled up for transport; however, they can be expensive to print.