Fluor 2020 Cricket Wicket Knockdown Challenge FAQ

If you are having trouble with this project, please read the FAQ below. You may find the answer to your question.
Q: Can I use materials not listed in the Materials section?
A: If you are doing this project for a science fair or just for fun, you can use whatever materials you want. If you want to enter the 2020 Fluor Engineering Challenge, you can only use the items listed in the Materials section.
Q: Can I use other tools?
A: To keep the competition fair, scissors are the only tools allowed. No power tools, screwdrivers, hobby knives, hot glue guns, etc., may be used for construction.
Q: Do I have to use red plastic cups?
A: No. Paper or other colors of plastic are OK.
Q: Am I allowed to cut the materials?
A: Yes, you are allowed to cut the materials (for example, cutting a piece of paper in half or cutting holes in a plastic cup). However, remember that the material costs are not prorated. If you cut a piece of cardboard in half and only use half of it, you must still count the entire piece of cardboard when calculating your score.
Q: Are there any size restrictions on the devices?
A: No, but keep in mind that bigger devices will use more materials, which will affect your final score.
Q: I used and then discarded some materials while testing different designs. Do the discarded materials get subtracted from my final score?
A: No, only the materials that are used in your final design are included in your final score. For example, say you build a device with three pencils and test it. You then redesign the device, remove one of the pencils, and test it again. You would only count two pencils when calculating your final score.
Q: Can I do multiple tries for the official test?
A: Yes. You can test as many times as you want, but you can only submit one high score.
Q: My device broke during one of my tests. Can I fix it?
A: Yes, but you must keep the clock running as you repair it. Do not pause the stopwatch to make repairs. You can always start over with a new test to get a better score.
Q: Can the ping pong ball be modified in any way?
A: No. The ping pong ball cannot be modified in any way, e.g., you cannot cut it or attach other materials to it.
Q: Do I have to hit the eraser directly to knock it down?
A: No. The ball can bounce off the floor first or hit the base of the wicket (the target built from pencils, cup, and eraser). If the eraser falls off the top of the pencils as a result of the ball hitting any part of the wicket, that still counts.
Q: The examples use colored tape. Can I use duct tape from multiple rolls?
A: Yes, as long as the total length of tape used does not exceed 90 feet (equivalent to 1 roll).
Q: Can we re-insert the pencils into the wicket if they become loose during testing?
A: Yes.
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