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Science Activities

Science Activities

Explore science any time with easy, hands-on activities. Get inspired by these project ideas that can be done with readily available and/or household materials and take only a few hours, start to finish.

If you didn't find anything in the list above, try our Topic Selection Wizard to explore other ideas that might make a fun project, or browse our list of over 1,200 science project ideas.


Science Buddies Kits for Summer Science Fun

Looking for an exciting summer science exploration? The following Science Buddies kits are great for summer. Experiment with your own soda recipe, build a crystal radio, explore vegetable-generated power, or make your own soap. Each kit comes with all the materials you'll need (except for perishable items) to complete an engaging, hands-on science investigation.

Summer Science Camps & Programs

Science camps and programs come in a wide variety of formats, and they focus on every aspect of science and engineering you can imagine: robotics, chemistry, the environment, zoo animals, architecture, space science, and dinosaur fossils, to name just a few!

Free science fair projects.